Breitbart’s legacy, a.k.a. Two Minutes Hate

Speaking of racism, sexism, and homophobia, here are a few comments I found this morning on, the amalgamated online cesspool of the eponymous late professional douchebag and provocateur (all [sic]s omitted):

  • “Right on!!! IMO all the muslims that have come to the U.S. should be be deported back to their armpit countries. They just aren’t worth having around because they can’t be trusted. We have enough problems in this country without having to worry about the muslim snakes just waiting to bite.”
  • “this particular clown is no diferent than the rest,colbert,stewart,leterman,and the pethetic list goes on.balless,no guts,cowards,just like holder and his this cult of islam for what it is,spineless masogenistic,evil. i dont care if there is 6trillion of them they wwill never acheve the ends they disire.WAR MUST RAGE CONSTANTLY AGAINST THESE DECIEVERS ,UNTIL THEY RELENT.”
  • “STFU race-baiting crybaby Libtard!”
  • “And don’t these guys of third world immigrant backgrounds love pointing that out. They come to a nation they know has a white majority BECAUSE IT HAS A WHITE MAJORITY, AKA, A FIRST WORLD NATION! He is right though. Those who had nothing to do with the founding and developing of the US will inherit this nation, because the Republicrats care more about a quick buck than defending this nation and it’s western traditions and civilization…. P.S. The way Arab and Asian nations portray white America, and the way Jewish media portrays white Christian America is much worse than this nonsense.”
  • “I smell a connection between a gay talk show host and a gay president and the politics that have been our fluking for the week. Kinda obvious? ain’t it?”
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